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Weekly Meal Plan | January 25 – 31, 2020

Weekly Meal Plan

We had a fun week with the inauguration last week, but we’re back to our regularly scheduled meal plan!  This week has a slew of recipes that are a perfect way to get you through until it can be the weekend again!

Weekly meal plan


Monday meal plan options

Starting the week off strong will pulled pork.  A popular meat in our house, pork is always a hit.  I know, I know, it’s very Wisconsin of me, but I love a good slow cooker recipe, especially on a Monday.  That way, I know a hot and delicious meal is ready for the family when I get home from work.  Both of these recipes are great slow cooker options that offer two different flavor profiles to enjoy.

Option 1: Slow cooker Texas pulled pork

Option 2: Cranberry maple pulled pork


Taco Tuesday meal plan

Taco Tuesday calls for Mexican flavors galore!  Crusting a chicken breast in tortilla adds excellent texture and a delicious bite.  But if you’d prefer a more traditional taco, head straight to super easy chicken fajitas – all made on one sheet pan and so easy to prepare.

Option 1: Tortilla crusted chicken breast

Option 2: Sheet pan chicken fajitas


Wednesday meals are warm and easy

Both meals are made in one pot, of sorts; one pot or a slow cooker, which is why I love both of these recipes for a mid-week meal.  Spaghetti bolognese is a favorite in our house because it’s super easy and the kids love it!  Well, the whole family loves it!

Option 1: One pot spaghetti bolognese

Option 2: Slow cooker chili


Enjoy some leftovers today!


Snapper is on the menu this Friday

Red snapper isn’t a fish I cook all that often, but I couldn’t pass up this Jamaican curried red snapper recipe.  It’s a quick, healthy dinner that’s packed with flavor and great for any day of the week.

Option 1: Jamaican curried red snapper

Option 2: Grilled red snapper


Saturday meal plan options

Top butt or tri-tip, that is today’s question?  Both of these recipes back flavor the way I like it.  So, do you opt for Asian or Indian flavors tonight?  You can’t really go wrong!

Option 1: Citrus ginger teriyaki steak

Option 2: Sheet pan Indian beef cauliflower


Sunday's meal plan options

Sunday’s are a great day for wings.  And this week, enjoy the pro-bowl while testing out a variety of flavors.  The bourbon bbq chicken wing is a crowd favorite, but we also included general wing cooking instructions in case you’re not too confident cooking them at home.

Option 1: Chicken hot wing cooking instructions

Option 2: Bourbon bbq chicken wing

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