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Weekly Meal Plan | September 7 – 13, 2020

Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Labor Day!  Or I hope you enjoyed a great Labor Day if you’re reading this past Monday.  This week, we’re doing things a littler differently.  We realize that not everyone has the same amount of time to cook or even the same preference on how they cook, SO…

Each day this week, we will offer an inside and an outside way to cook.  Since we are transitioning into fall and slipping out of summer, some of us like to hold onto every day of grilling and others are ready to bring the cooking indoors, so you get to choose!  Enjoy your choice of recipe each day this week:

Weekly meal plan


It’s beer lovers day!  But also Labor Day.  Two big things to celebrate. Whether you’re grilling or smoking meat outdoors, we have two recipes featuring beer that will become favorites in no time.




Whether you’re still cooking inside or outside, it’s still Taco Tuesday.  We’re taking steak (top blade and skirt) and enjoying it two ways.  Two different preparations sure to make delicious tacos no matter what.




We’re enjoying leftovers a day early this week because tomorrow…..


We’re celebrating National hot dog day! So, get outside and grill a hot dog!


Fishy Friday is in full effect.  There are plenty of great ways to enjoy fish on the grill or indoor in the oven.




Pork is a fan favorite in my household, but we haven’t tried these two recipes.  So, this weekend, we may just give both of them a shot!




Ending the week with a few chicken recipes – a classic that I’ve made time and time again and a new one, to make indoors that, I must admit, sounds a touch daunting but I’m willing to try almost anything with tasty blueberry!



So, what do you think?  Are you cooking indoors or outdoors this week?

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