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Four Different Steaks For Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you don’t know what to get Dad, maybe you should get him a steak. Steak is delicious, and your Dad deserves a great meal for Father’s Day. There are so many different types of steak, it can be hard to narrow down what type of steak you should get for your Dad. Luckily, we’ve picked four of our favorite steaks for any type of Dad. Keep reading to see what steak fits your Dad and to learn how to cook him a feast he’ll long remember.

Steaks for Dad

For the traditionalist – a Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak au Poivre

Few steaks can match the ribeye steak. They’re tender and flavorful, one of the most prized cuts on a beef animal. These steaks have enough interior marbling (read juicy, delicious fat) that they can be put right on the heat of the grill and you don’t have to worry too much about drying them out. If you want to get your Dad a steak that is the traditional “slap it on the grill and enjoy a feast” steak, you need to get him a ribeye steak. You will not go wrong by buying your Dad a ribeye steak – trust us!

We think our Best Grilled Ribeye Steak recipe is a surefire way to come up with an amazing steak, but there are many other ways you can make this steak. Here are some recipes for you to follow:

For the bacon lover – a Tenderloin Filet

Four Different Steaks For Dad

It’s a well known fact that bacon is the most delicious food in the world. With that said, we also have to acknowledge that steak is in a close second place for the title of most delicious food in the world. Luckily, when you buy a tenderloin filet, you can combine these two steaks by following our Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Filet recipe. Buttery tender beef married with crispy, salty, delicious bacon makes for a Father’s Day treat. If your Dad wants to make sure bacon is part of his Father’s Day dinner, you should buy him a tenderloin filet and a pound of bacon. The contented rumbles from his belly after eating the steak will let you know you made a good decision.

If bacon wrapping isn’t in your wheelhouse, there are plenty of other ways you can make a Tenderloin Filet. Check out these non-bacony (but still delicious!) recipes:

  • Beef Tenderloin Filets with Blue Cheese Topping – blue cheese is almost as delicious as bacon, and is awesome on top of Tenderloin Filets. You can even use this topping on your bacon wrapped filets for an OVERLOAD OF FLAVOR!!!
  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin Filet – here are our simple instructions to make your filet on the grill.
  • Individual Beef Wellingtons – if your Dad wants to channel his inner Gordon Ramsay, this recipe is the way to do it, and what better time to show off his culinary superiority than Father’s Day?
  • Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin Filet – have you gotten into sous vide cooking? This is the ultimate way to prepare perfectly cooked steaks! Here’s our recipe to make a tenderloin filet using a sous vide cooker.
  • Tenderloin Filet Recipe – this pan seared recipe is a classic way to prepare a filet without overcooking it.

For the party host – a Top Butt Steak

Beef Kabobs

If your Dad is the life of the party, a Top Butt steak is a great choice for him. This steak is a large steak that’s made to feed a crowd. It has good flavor, is moderately tender, and carries an affordable price point compared to a Ribeye or Tenderloin. There are two great ways to serve this steak – either as a thinly sliced steak to serve a crowd, or cut into Ka-Bobs for a delicious meal on a stick. However you cook a Top Butt steak, if your Dad wants to be grilling and feeding a crowd, the Top Butt is the steak to get. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make a Top Butt steak:

  • Beef Kabobs (pictured above!) – this is our classic, easy to make recipe for yummy grilled beef kabobs.
  • Bourbon Glazed Steak Bites – for the Dad who enjoys the finer things in life, like Bourbon, this recipe is sticky, sweet, and tangy treat to enjoy with a glass of his favorite liquor. PS – if your Dad likes Old Fashioned cocktails, check out this video on how to make the world’s easiest Old Fashioned!
  • Lemon-Pepper Beef Steak Salad – if your Dad is enjoying the low-carb lifestyle, this Lemon-Pepper Beef Steak Salad recipe is the perfect way he can enjoy a flavorful meal without devouring lots of carbs.
  • Spicy Portuguese Beef Kabobs – if your family enjoys spicy food, this Portuguese inspired recipe brings a touch of heat to your grill.
  • Steakhouse Top Butt Steak – this recipe is a Leahy family classic! We use this at many family get togethers, and love sharing slices of marinated top butt along with lots of potatoes and asparagus.

For the explorer – a Tri Tip Steak

Four Different Steaks For Dad

Our last steak recommendation is for the Dad who likes to try something new, be on the cutting edge, and share things that may be a little “out there.” The Tri-Tip steak is becoming more popular in the midwest, but it’s still a rare find, and is a steak that many people have not tried yet. Tri Tip steaks are rich in beef flavor, and should be thinly sliced to serve many people. The best part about this steak is that it loves to have a flavorful rub put on the outside to complement its flavor. Go crazy and explore flavors from all over the world with this steak.

Here are some of the many flavors you can enjoy on your Tri-Tip Steak:

There you have it – four different steaks for Dad. This Father’s Day, stop by Lake Geneva Country Meats, and pick up a steak for your Dad. No matter if you get a Ribeye, a Tenderloin, a Top Butt, a Tri Tip, or any one of our many other steaks, it’s sure to be a great cut of meat. You can explore more cuts of beef in our Virtual Meat Case, and sort and filter recipes in our recipe section. We love to see finished pictures of what you make, so please share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Father’s Day!

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