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Weekly Meal Plan | January 19, 2020

The goal with our weekly meal plan is to help your week go more smoothly by providing six recipes thoughtfully put together.  Check out this week’s recipe, and happy cooking!

Lake Geneva Country Meats Sunday Meal Plan


One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

It’s National cheese lovers day and we can think of no better day here in Wisconsin.  So, we’re obviously making an ooey gooey cheesy dish today.  Plus, it’s been SO cold here.  I mean, it is January, so that’s fair.  And we’ve barely had a winter, so it’s about time that it’s -10 with a foot of snow.  Anyway, this dish = yum.


Chorizo Sausage Tacos

Loving this twist on classic tacos.  You don’t need to spend any extra time seasoning your meat when the meat is already full of flavor!  At LGCM, we sell chorizo as a long rope, so simply cut the casing and brown the chorizo just like you would traditional ground beef.  Try chorizo in your tacos this week on #TacoTuesday.


Braised Chicken Thighs

I feel like chicken thighs don’t get enough credit, but they are a great affordable option and perfect for a weeknight meal.  This recipe can be made every easier and done in a slow cooker… if you don’t mind compromising on the complex layers, which are the best part of braising.



For leftovers this week, how about some chorizo in your eggs?  It makes for a great breakfast or eggs for lunch!  Full of flavor and protein to get you through the day.


Mustard Glazed Salmon

We have a ton of great glazes, spices and sauces at Lake Geneva Country Meats and this recipe uses one of my favorites; Gorman Thomas’ Stormin’ Sauce.  And yes, you can even pick up your salmon at the store while you’re browsing the sauce section


Asian Slow Cooker Pork Roast

Happy Chinese New Year!  Whether this is a holiday you celebrate or not, we can all agree that Asian flavors are some of the best out there.  We picked a slow cooker recipe because it seems like we’re always running around on the weekend, so it’s super appealing to throw a dish in the slow cooker and have it ready to eat four-eight hours later.


Beef and Potato Kabobs

Food on a stick.  Gotta love it right?  This recipe is from our friends at the Beef Council and we can always count on them for a tasty meal.

Are you making anything from this weekly meal plan?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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