Bridget Can’t Choose | Dinner Plus Drinks #25

The theme of this episode is Bridget has a hard time choosing. Whether that’s a good news story to share, a recipe to make, or which kid to talk about, she has a hard time choosing, so she just shares it all!

Here’s what we talked about on this episode:

  1. It’s rosé wine season, and we tried something that Nick had never tried before, a rosé wine from Corsica called Domaine Vetriccie. It’s refreshing, with zesty grapefruit flavors that are quite enjoyable. Have you ever tried Corsican wine?
  2. Bridget is going to travel to Amsterdam to check out this Willie Wonka style chocolate factory that’s under construction.
  3. She also loves that statues of slave owning historic figures are being replaced by Air Dancer inflatables instead!
  4. Nick loves European soccer and thinks it’s awesome that Borussia Monchengladbach has installed cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands to help make up the atmosphere.
  5. Bridget got Lucy these sweet Jelly Sandals from Old Navy. Did you ever have jelly sandals as a kid? Are you also subjecting your child to these torture devices?
  6. Bridget also chose to share an adult product recommendation – these Silicon Straws available for $10.99 on Amazon.
  7. Nick recently installed his Ring Doorbell Pro and loves the sense of security it provides, as well as how easy it was to install. Do you have smart home recommendations? We’d love to hear them!
  8. If you loves peonies as much as Bridget does, you need to check out the official Instagram account of the French Conservatoire de la Pivoine.
  9. Bridget is going to be making this Chorizo & Queso Dip sometime this week…
  10. …while Nick will make dinner a breeze with this Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken Thigh recipe.

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Cheers everybody!

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