RIP RBG | Dinner Plus Drinks #40

We’re both sad about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s one of the great American examples of hard work, persistence, and sticking to your values paying off. We talk about her passing, America, Bridget (and Shannon)’s birthday weekend, lots of delicious food, and plenty more on this week’s episode. Here are the links to what we shared on this week’s episode:

  1. If you’d like to get some bomb pins and support causes that were championed by RBG, check out these Dissent Pins recommended by Bridget.
  2. If lifestyle bloggers sometimes drive you crazy, check out The Daily Tay!
  3. Nick thinks that it’s totally awesome some airlines are offering flights to nowhere for those who missing flying!
  4. Bridget’s eyes keep getting worse, but luckily she can get a good price on glasses from Zenni. Check them out for yourself if you need affordable eyewear!
  5. Nick has been using the A to Z Food America and A to Z World Food online databases for recipe and food culture research. They’re available free with a Lake Geneva Public Library card – check and see if your library has access too!
  6. Finally, Nick is really excited to make this German Sausage and Kale Stew (say it with us) aka GRUNKOHL recipe this week.

We will be recording a live edition of our Pinkies Up wine series on Thursday, October 1st. You can join in the fun via Zoom – ask us questions, heckle us, whatever! You can click here to get more details about the wines we’ll be trying, and purchase them at Lake Geneva Country Meats or a fine retailer near you.

Cheers everybody and have an awesome week!

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