Bridget and Nick Are Very Particular About Pens | Dinner Plus Drinks #14

How are you holding up guys? Bridget and Nick are here with a little sanity and distraction. On this week’s episode, we talk about:

  • Parenting during social distancing.
  • Some yummy food we ate + recipe ideas for this week.
  • A bottle of wine that’s perfect for family video chat Pictionary.
  • Happy news stories from around the world
  • A new segment featuring random, fun facts
  • Plus lots more!

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  3. If you want a Salt Dough Easter Egg from Elliot, just let Bridget know. Email her at bridget <at> lakegenevacountrymeats <dot> com with your request.
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Have a great week, stay safe, and thanks for listening!

Sunday Meal Plan


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