I let my kids stay up until midnight on NYE | Dinner Plus Drinks #2

Bridget and Nick wrapped up a fabulous Holiday season with a New Year's Eve to remember. We talk what we ate, crack open a beer, plus we share tips on how we like to organize, and answer a mailbag question about getting kids to try new foods.

Happy New Year! This week, we’re recapping our New Year’s celebrations, and looking forward to 2020 with a meal plan full of lean meats.

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this week’s recipe links

Get this week’s full meal plan featuring lean, and delicious meats by clicking here!

this week’s meat tip

Steak with mushrooms

Coulotte steaks are cut from the sirloin of beef, and have a great combination of rich beef flavor, marbling, and tenderness. They’re not the most tender or flavorful steak we have, but they’re also not the most expensive steak in the meat case! These are a certified lean steak, and are fast to grill or sauté in a cast iron pan.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Check out this Skillet Steaks with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms recipe (pictured above) from the Beef Council that use coulotte steaks!

These can be hard to find, so ask your local butcher shop (like LGCM) to cut you some!

what we were drinking

can of juice pants ipa beer

This week, we enjoyed a can of Maplewood Brewery & Distillery’s Juice Pants IPA. We love the juicy tropical fruit flavors in this beer from one of Chicago’s most fun breweries. Stop by Lake Geneva Country Meats and try Juice Pants or any of Maplewood’s other beers!

products we talked about on this episode

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the D+D mailbag

Do you have a question for our mailbag? Have tips to share on getting picky eaters to try new foods? A great New Years resolution? We’d love to hear from you! Just fill out this form to get into our mailbag. We’ll get back to you, or discuss on air!

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