Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are Delicious | Dinner Plus Drinks #4

Nick discovered the object of a long quest - a mint dark chocolate Kit Kat bar and shares his review of this limited edition candy bar. We also have our first giveaway, talk parenting, meal plans, how much fat is okay in a ribeye steak, wine, and more!

Nick loves Kit Kat bars and when he learned there was a new flavor – mint & dark chocolate – he searched high and low to find it. He finally found it, and shares his thoughts on this bar in this episode. Additionally, we have our first ever Dinner Plus Drinks giveaway, we talk meal planning, pizza, share some parenting struggles, and so much more!

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recipes + other food we talked about this week

  • One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese – it’s like a grown up hamburger helper with less bad stuff and more flavor. The best part? It’s still easy to make and even easier to clean!
  • Chorizo Sausage Tacos – our chorizo sausage has won a ton of awards, and is one of our most overlooked sausage flavors. Pick some up and use it for easy to make but super tasty tacos.
  • Oakfire – if you love Neapolitan pizza and lake views, you have to visit Oakfire in Lake Geneva. Bridget loves their Sopressata pizza, Nick usually orders a class Margherita, and the Locale made with LGCM brats, caramelized onions, and more is a must try.
  • Kit Kat Mint & Dark Chocolate – seriously. You need to try these. So good.

Looking for more recipes? Get this week’s full meal plan by clicking here, or you can check up our weekly recipe round up of recipes that use what’s on sale at LGCM by clicking here!

this week’s meat tip – talking ribeye steaks

This week, David asked how much fat should be in a ribeye steak. We had quite the discussion of ribeye steaks. Key points are below, or you can watch the video above to get our Chief Meat Ambassador Kim’s take on ribeye steaks!

  1. Ribeyes are a super flavorful steak with lots of marbling – that means fat. They should have fat on top of the steak, inside the steak, and a bit on the tip of the steak.
  2. The ribeye has two distinct muscles – the cap (or spinalis) on top, plus the eye portion (longissimus dorsi) that compromises most of the steak.
  3. The steaks that come from the shoulder (chuck) end steaks generally have a bit more fat than the butt (loin) end steaks. Ask at a butcher shop for which style of steak you want!

what we were drinking

We love this big, bold red from Jumilla, Spain. Made by Juan Gil wines, Albacea is made entirely from the grape Monastrell. You may know this grape better by its French name Mourvedre, but it’s still not a very common grape. Albacea has smoky blackberry, juicy dark cherry and cedar flavor notes. It’s got a bit of kick – 15% alcohol – but you don’t really notice it while you’re drinking.

Albacea is a great pairing with big foods like:

  • Beef stew
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Smoked Beef Brisket

Get a bottle for $11.99 at LGCM and enjoy!

products we recommended on this episode

  • Nugget Play Couch – our web guy recommended these play couches to us. They look amazing, but are also backordered!
  • Foamnasium Blocksy Kid Couch – almost the exact same couch but not backordered, and available with Prime shipping!
  • Replica Surfaces – these photo backdrops are super convenient. Nick loves them and keep buying more. If you have to do product or food photography at home, you need to check these out!

*Note – if you purchase using the links we provide, we may receive a small commission from certain sellers.

the D+D mailbag

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