Road Trip! | Dinner Plus Drinks #5

Road trip time! Join Nick & Bridget as they take a (short) road trip and talk about favorite road trips, road trip snacks, plus all your favorite weekly discussion topics.

What do Bridget and Nick do when they have to drive to a meeting during the time they’d normally record the podcast? They record a roadtrip edition of the podcast, of course! You’re going to want to listen to our roadtrip stories, get Bridget’s super smart road trip snack tip, and check out what’s on the meal plan this week.

Use the player below to listen to this episode online, or click on the links below to listen using your favorite podcast app. As always, you can find links to all of the recipes and products we discussed on this episode by scrolling on down the page.  We’re always looking for listener feedback and mailbag questions, so please reach out to us at hello <at> dinnerplusdrinks <dot> com, or you can use the form on the bottom of this page. Thanks for listening!


recipes we talked about this week

  • Honey Apple Maple Glazed Salmon – easy, delicious, and nutritious, this recipe is Bridget’s pick of the week.
  • BBQ Chicken Tenders – a more healthy version of your kids’ fast food favorite, a quick slather of BBQ sauce, and a short time on the grill yields yummy chicken tenders!

Looking for more recipes? Get this week’s full meal plan by clicking here, or you can check up our weekly recipe round up of recipes that use what’s on sale at LGCM by clicking here!

this week’s meat tip – short ribs

This week, Nick dropped a bit of meat knowledge about beef short ribs – some of the most tasty morsels of meat that come from a beef animal! Short ribs come from the bottom front portion of a beef animal, where the brisket, chuck, plate, and rib intersect. There are a few different types of short ribs that you may encounter:

  • Flanken or Korean cut short ribs, which you see on the left of the picture, are thin slices of meat with several bones left on top of the meat. These are great for grilling.
  • English cut short ribs are the small chunks of meat you see pictured on the right of the picture. These are perfect for braising and enjoying with potatoes!
  • Boneless short ribs are what you will usually find served at banquets and are similar to an English cut, just without the bone.

Short ribs have a ton of flavor, but generally need to be cooked low and slow to make them tender. If you get Flanken short ribs, they’re so thin that they don’t need to be cooked low and slow – just a quick time over high heat will do. Here are some of our favorite short rib recipes:

products we recommended on this episode

  • Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer – this is the perfect tool to divide up road trip snacks into convenient portions. We like the adjustable dividers on this box.
  • Hydro Flask Coffee Mugs – Bridget loves that they keep her coffee *piping* hot. You can get them at local retailers like Clear Water Outdoor in downtown Lake Geneva, or on Amazon.
  • Shady Ray Sunglasses – Bridget helpfully took a picture of Nick talking about these sunglasses while he was talking about them. You can see the picture above, and buy them at this link. Nick likes that they’re classically styled, a good quality of construction, and not a ton of money. He wears the Signature Series Blackout Polarized versions.

*Note – if you purchase using the links we provide, we may receive a small commission from certain sellers.

the D+D mailbag

We love hearing from our listeners! If you have a meat question, a meal plan suggestion, or just want to know what’s going on in our lives, please drop us a line. We’ll either email you back with the answer, or we’ll discuss it on air. Use the form below to send us a question, or you can email us directly at hello <at> dinnerplusdrinks <dot> com.

Thanks for listening to our podcast, we hope you have a great week, and we’ll be back on Tuesday, January 28th with a special podcast episode about Lake Geneva Winterfest!

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