We’ve Got a Surprise Guest! | Dinner Plus Drinks #31

We had a ton to celebrate this week, and we share all of the good news on this week’s episode, which just so happens to feature a very special surprise guest. This is a fun one, so we hope you’ll tune in. Here’s what we talked about on this week’s episode:

  1. We opened a bottle of Mawby Us Brut. This bottle of Michigan sparkling wine is among the best bottles of Midwestern wine we’ve ever had. It’s perfect for celebrations, but also is priced at a price that you can afford to drink for everyday wins as well.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Bridget’s sister Shannon who delivered a beautiful new baby boy this week. We’re so happy and excited for their entire family!
  3. We’re very concerned about Kanye West. Fortunately, after recording, he issued an apology to Kim and the rest of his family. Hopefully he’s on a path to a better place!
  4. Our special guest is Bridget’s other sister Brittany who works for the Washington Nature Conservancy and worked very hard with a lot of other people to get The Great American Outdoors Act passed by Congress. We’re so excited to see this bi-partisan legislation passed – congrats Brittany!
  5. Bridget highly recommends getting gifts from Parks Project for your nature loving friends.
  6. Nick extolled the virtues of having a library card – check out everything you can get at the Lake Geneva Public Library!
  7. Brittany shared Subpar Parks, an Instagram account that beautifully illustrates hilariously bad reviews of our National Parks.
  8. Bridget is going to be making some Beef Empanadas (or maybe chicken, because, you know Bridget) this week.
  9. And Nick is super excited about this Arrachera Taco recipe – just don’t make it gringo style, please!

In case you missed it, we released a special episode this past week with Laurin Mack, proprietor of The Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. We talked about how she brought back this extinct beer brand, some of the challenges faced, and lots more. You can listen in your favorite podcast player, or click this link to be directed to your favorite place to listen.

You can watch the full episode above, or listen to the audio from this week’s episode, by using the player below, or clicking a link to listen on your favorite podcast app.

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Cheers everybody!

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