Reduce by Half Episode 13: Sardinian Pork Stew

It’s November, and in Wisconsin, that means it’s stew season! I love a traditional beef stew, but it’s fun to switch it up from time to time. While searching for new stew recipes, I went down the rabbit’s hole of discovering a bit about Sardinian cuisine, and this is the result! Take a listen to this episode of Reduce By Half to learn a bit about Sardinia, its cuisine, and its wine! The recipe is delicious, and easy to make. You can listen by using the player below or click here to listen on iTunes. Enjoy!

Sardinian Pork Stew Recipe

We love this recipe! It’s an easy and affordable way to mix up your fall and winter stews, plus, it’s a great way to experience a new culinary tradition. For the full recipe, you can click here to visit our recipe page.

Sardinian Wine

Some of the beautiful vineyards of Pala Winery, one of Sardinia’s leading vineyards!

Sardinians have been making wine for centuries, but the wines weren’t internationally well known until recently. If you haven’t had a Sardinian wine, you’re missing out! Sardinia is known for both white and red wines. The white wines are primarily made from the Vermentino grape, and they’re refreshing, aromatic wines. The red wines are made primarily from the Cannonau grape, which is known as Grenache in France or Garnacha in Spain. Cannonau makes wines that are generally medium bodied with red fruit flavors and hints of spice.

We paired this wine with the Pala I Fiori Cannonau di Sardegna. Pala is a family owned producer in Sardinia that makes wines I absolutely love. This wine comes from organic grapes, and the 2016 vintage got 93 points from James Suckling! The Cannonau combines ripe red and black cherry fruits with blackberry, tobacco and black pepper notes. It’s medium bodied, but richly flavored. I think it’s very different than French or Spanish wines made from the same grape, and it perfectly complements the dish! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Thanks so much for listening to this episode, we hope you enjoyed this recipe idea and wine pairing suggestion! Sardinia is a very interesting place, and even if we can’t visit, at least we can sample some of their cuisine! If you’d like to get more episodes, please subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. To subscribe on iTunes, just follow this link. We’ll be back before Thanksgiving with Episode 14: How to Brine Your Turkey with Brian McAlister!

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