Reduce by Half Episode 21: Fish Fry with Chef Kristin Hueneke from Lakefront Brewery

Wisconsin Friday’s aren’t complete without a good fish fry! One of the most legendary fish fries around is held at Lakefront Brewery, where every Friday they serve hundreds of pounds of fish to hungry customers. We wanted to get some tips on how to make a good fish fry at home (and of course, how to pair it with beer), so we chatted with the Executive Chef at Lakefront Brewery, Chef Kristin Hueneke. She had some great tips on how to make your fish fry not gooey, what type of fish to use, and more. Take a listen using the player below or click here to listen on iTunes.

Chef Kristin’s Unusual Pairing

One of the cool things about Lakefront Brewery is that they let their employees come up with limited run beers, called the “My Turn” series. Chef Kristin came up with a very unique beer that is a Smoked Maple Weizenbock. Check out the Lakefront website for more details on this very limited edition beer.

Lucky for us, it was just brewed fresh when we visited, and she was kind enough to give us a six pack to try. She even signed it for us, because we love collecting signed beverages!  When she gave us the beer, she had an unusual pairing suggestion. We thought her ideas on fish fry were pretty good, so we tried it…watch the video below for the results!

Wisconsin Beer Battered Cod Recipe

For the full recipe, visit this page.

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed this episode, we had a lot of fun interviewing Chef Kristin, and really appreciate her time. You should definitely go check out the fish fry at Lakefront, as well as their beer and the rest of their food. If you’d like to keep getting more episodes of Reduce by Half, just click here and you can subscribe on iTunes. We’ll be back soon with another great episode. Cheers!

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