Reduce by Half Episode 26: Beef Cheeks

As we are publishing this episode of Reduce by Half, it’s May 3rd. That means 2 things. First, it’s beef month, and second, it’s almost Cinco de Mayo. For this episode, we’re combining those themes, and talking about Beef Cheeks! On this episode, I’m going to give you a brief overview of what a beef cheek is, then share two recipes, as well as a few more ideas that you can do with beef cheeks. It should be a fun way of learning more about a cut of beef you’ve probably not thought of very much! You can listen on iTunes by clicking here, or using the player below. Enjoy!

beef cheek recipes

braised beef cheeks in red wine

This is a classic recipe to get the most out of beef cheeks. Check out the overview below, and then get the full recipe by clicking here.

Braised Beef Cheeks

barbacoa beef cheek tacos

This recipe is super fun. You get to dig a pit in the ground to cook these beef cheeks, and then, you get to eat tacos! Here are our instructions on how to dig a barbacoa pit, and here is the full barbacoa beef cheek taco recipe. And don’t worry, the recipe includes instructions on how to make these tacos in the slow cooker if you don’t want to dig a pit.

Barbacoa Pit

A barbacoa pit!

Barbacoa Beef Cheek Taco

Barbacoa tacos!

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