Reduce by Half Episode 4: Beef Month with Angie Horkan

Welcome to Episode 4 of Reduce by Half: Beef Month with Angie Horkan! May is Beef Month in Wisconsin, and we wanted to get an expert’s perspective on what beef means to Wisconsin. Angie Horkan, the Director of Marketing for the Wisconsin Beef Council, and an active cattlewoman herself, was kind of enough to join the podcast, and she provided lots of information about beef farming in Wisconsin, shared how you can enter to win a beautiful grill from the Wisconsin Beef Council and gave us an amazing recipe. Listen to the episode by using the player below, or click here to listen on iTunes. You’ll find beef facts, Angie’s Grilled Tequila Steak Pizza recipe, and a chance to win a $100 beef package from LGCM below, so listen and keep scrolling!

Beef in Wisconsin

Angie Horkan, Director of Marketing at the Wisconsin Beef Council, cattlewoman, fabulous podcast guest and cool person!

Did you know these facts about the beef industry in Wisconsin?

  • Wisconsin, even though we’re known as the Dairy State is also in the top 12 of beef producing states.
  • There are more than 14,800 beef farms in Wisconsin.
  • The average size of a herd in Wisconsin is just 18 head of cattle per herd.
  • Nationwide, 97% of beef farms are family owned, and many cattlemen and women have other full time jobs in addition to tending their herds.
  • Wisconsin’s beef industry puts $2.1 BILLION into our economy and supports 35,000 jobs!

Get more information about beef farming in Wisconsin and meet some of our local beef farmers on the Wisconsin Beef Council’s website.

Grilled Tequila Steak Pizza Recipe

Angie shared this awesome mashup between tacos and pizza that you can make on the grill. I made it at home and absolutely loved it, give it a try! You can read the full recipe here.

Win a $100 Beef Package!

The Wisconsin Beef Council is giving away an awesome grill this May, and we wanted to join in the giveaway fun! Enter below to win a $100 beef package featuring burgers and steaks that are perfect for the grill. You need to enter the codeword we mentioned on the episode to enter, so make sure you listen to get the codeword! We’ll pick one random person who entered before June 1st as the winner and announce the winner on Episode 5 of Reduce by Half.

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