Reduce by Half Episode 6: Dry Aged Beef

Welcome to Episode 6 of Reduce by Half: Dry Aged Beef. On this episode, we make you an expert about dry aged beef in about 13 minutes. If you’ve ever wondered why beef needs to be aged, how dry aging works or what dry aged beef tastes like, give this episode a listen. You can listen by using the player below or click here to listen on iTunes. Enjoy!

Blue Cheese Crust Steak Topping

As mentioned on the episode, the longer you dry age a steak, the more bleu cheese flavor you’ll get. You can bring out more of this flavor by putting a bleu cheese topping on the steak. We love this recipe. Find the outline below or click here for the full recipe:

That’s it for this episode – thank you for listening! We hope you’ll subscribe on iTunes, and give us a rating, we appreciate the feedback. To subscribe, just follow this link. Cheers!

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