Reduce by Half Episode 7: Meet Weber Grill Master Kelsey Heidkamp

Kelsey Heidkamp is a super interesting person, not only is she a certified Weber Grill Master, she’s the manager of Weber Grill’s Global Grill Academy! We were lucky enough to interview her on this episode of Reduce By Half to get the story on how she became a Grill Master and Grill Academy manager, plus she shares some easy grilling tips and a delicious recipe to boot! You can listen by using the player below or click here to listen on iTunes. Enjoy!


Kelsey Heidkamp - Weber Grill Master

Our guest on this episode is Kelsey Heidkamp. Kelsey is a certified Weber Grill Master, which as you’ll hear on the process, is a time consuming process that requires lots of skill and knowledge. In addition to being a Weber Grill Master, she’s also the manager of the Weber Global Grill Academy. At the Global Grill Academy, Kelsey welcomes people from all over the world and shares her knowledge with them. Kelsey teaches them the best grilling practices and shows off the newest Weber products.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Global Grill Academy and spend some time grilling with Kelsey. Let me tell you, it was quite the setup! I was super impressed by the grills and even more impressed by the huge kitchen setup for indoor grilling. To call the range hoods “industrial size” is an understatement. Check out the picture below for an idea of the size:

Weber Global Grill Academy


Combat Steaks

Submitted by a Colonel in the Marine Corps, this Combat Steak recipe is a favorite of Kelsey’s. We made it at home and we promise that it’s pretty delicious! Get the full recipe here.

Combat Steak Recipe


The Combat Steak recipe comes from one of Kelsey’s highest recommendations – Weber’s Greatest Hits cookbook. It features 125 recipes and lots of great tips. We’ll be giving one away to a random listener who completes the form below before Monday, July 17th. Fill it out to enter and good luck!

That’s it for this episode – thank you for listening! We hope you’ll subscribe on iTunes, and give us a rating, we appreciate the feedback. To subscribe, just follow this link. Cheers!

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