Reduce by Half Episode 8: Hill Valley Dairy with Ron Henningfield

Wisconsin is known for its great cheese, and now Lake Geneva boasts its own cheese company: Hill Valley Dairy. We’re delighted to welcome Ron Henningfield, the owner and Wisconsin licensed cheesemaker of Hill Valley Dairy to this episode of Reduce by Half. We talk about how he came to own his own business, a bit about cows, a bit about cheesemaking, and a bit more. If you love cheese, you’ll definitely want to take a listen. You can listen by using the player below or click here to listen on iTunes. Enjoy!


Ron Henningfield - Hill Valley Dairy

Ron Henningfield is the owner and licensed Cheesemaker (yep, in Wisconsin you need to hold a state license to make cheese) at Hill Valley Dairy. You should listen to the podcast to hear his story, but here are some of the places he’s worked at:

  • Babcock Dairy
  • Uplands Cheese Company
  • Cedar Grove Cheese
  • Clock Shadow Creamery

These are some of the top places in the state, and we’re glad he chose to bring his cheesemaking talents to Lake Geneva. You can try his handiwork at Lake Geneva Country Meats, or meet him at one of the local farmers markets he participates in. Follow Hill Valley Dairy on Facebook to keep up with what’s available and where you can try the cheese. He’s currently working on a cheese aging facility that will allow for exciting new styles of cheese, so stay tuned and get onboard with Hill Valley Dairy!

That’s it for this episode – thank you for listening! We hope you’ll subscribe on iTunes, and give us a rating, we appreciate the feedback. To subscribe, just follow this link. Stay tuned for our next episode – it’s an interview with Frog’s Leap Winery owner and winemaker John Williams and it promises to be a good one!

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