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Weekly Meal Plan | November 16 – 22, 2020

Weekly Meal Plan

I spy at least four hearty meals that are perfect for those chilly late fall nights.  Plenty to enjoy with some fantastic recipes this week.

Weekly meal plan


Weekly meal plan, Monday options

When I was writing this plan, it was chilly and a warm, comforting meal felt like just the thing we all needed to start our week out on the right foot!

Option 1: Hearty country-style meatloaf

Option 2: Slow cooker creamy ranch pork chops


Weekly meal plan, Tuesday options

That’s right, you’re not seeing any taco shells here.  You can enjoy so many other things and still celebrate the best weekly holiday (Taco Tuesday that is!).  This week, we’re doing alternatives to tacos and I simply can’t decide between the two.

Option 1: Fajita chicken mac and cheese

Option 2: Southwest pork tenderloin bowl


Weekly meal plan, Wednesday options

Ok, this may seem a little fancy for your mid-week meal, but I saw treat yo’ self!  Also, it’s a great day to plan ahead and maybe enjoy this meal on the weekend.  And if you need another reason, many of us are spending much more time at home, so you can spend a fair amount of time watching this roast in the oven 🙂

Option 1: New York strip roast

Option 2: New York strip roast with mushroom red wine butter 


Plenty to enjoy for leftover day!


Weekly meal plan, Friday options

Admittedly, these are two completely random options for Fish Friday – I just couldn’t decide between a touch of spice or a fried fish option.  Both sound good, right?

Option 1: Creole shrimp

Option 2: Pan-fried pollock balls


Weekly meal plan, Saturday options

Some great beef recipes for your Saturday night.  Pair with your favorite starch and vegetable and let us know which one you prefer!

Option 1: Bourbon glazed steak bites

Option 2: Top butt steak marinated in red wine


Weekly meal plan, Sunday options

Football is still happening and I’m still enjoying some of my football favorites!  I love a good meal in a pocket and I love making these cheddar pockets with my son.  If you’re a fan of classic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, try option 2 where Nick tweaked the recipe a bit to make it an easy sheet pan meal!

Option 1: Roast beef cheddar pockets

Option 2: Philly cheesesteak melts

No matter what you’re eating this week, enjoy your time cooking and let us know what some of your faves are!

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