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Delicious American Lamb

Quality American lamb for you.

When you are purchasing lamb, perhaps more than any other protein source, buying meat from a quality animals. If you purchase quality lamb, you will enjoy one of the most delicious, tender meats you can experience. However, if you purchase subpar lamb, you are likely to encounter off-flavors and chewy meat.

At Lake Geneva Country Meats, we exclusively source American lamb, almost entirely from Southern Wisconsin. These lambs are young and tender with a sweet, mild flavor that still retains some of the rustic and earthy notes that make lamb a unique and desirable protein source.

Compared to Australian or New Zealand lamb, our lambs are larger and, in general, less gamey tasting. If you’ve tried lamb in the past and found it lacking, give ours a try before you give up on lamb forever. It’s very possible that you’ve had lamb that’s either been imported, or is, in fact, mutton – old, gamey, tough lamb. As we said, quality matters when you are enjoying lamb!

We stock a wide variety of cuts of lamb in our freezer section. You can find everything from lowly lamb shanks to ground lamb to exquisite racks of lamb at Lake Geneva Country Meats. We also receive fresh lamb every Wednesday, so if you wish to have a special order of fresh lamb, please call us with your order by the Monday before the Wednesday delivery date that corresponds to your desired pick up date. 

To place an order, or to check current pricing and availability, please call us at 262-238-3339 option 3 and speak with one of our Meat Ambassadors today! 

Eat Fresh. Eat Right.

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