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Weekly Meal Plan | September 13-19, 2021

Weekly Meal Plan

Ending this week with Bridget’s birthday, you can expect some tasty chicken coming your way 🙂  But don’t worry, before that, this week’s plan is full of meals everyone will love.

Weekly Meal Plan | September 13-19, 2021

Monday – Honey 

Start the week off a little bit sweet.  I’m drooling over both of these recipes and squeezing every bit out of the nice weather by cooking some kabos on the grill.

Tuesday – Ground Beef

Classic ground beef tacos.  Or switch it up and enjoy a skillet.  You could even take that delicious skillet and put it in a tortilla for a tasty soft-shelled taco.

Wednesday – Italian

Mid-week Italian food sounds like a good idea!  Plus both of these meat options a touch healthier (eye of round is a lean meat) and both recipes are easy to make, but take a bit of time and start them early.  And be prepared to have some leftovers to enjoy tomorrow.

Thursday – Leftovers

We’ve made a lot of great food already this week, and you probably have some of it leftover. Take a night off from cooking and enjoy your leftovers, or enjoy a meal from one of our great local restaurants. 

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Friday – Tuna

We can’t get enough of recipes with honey this week.  And mixed with soy sauce = amazing!  But if you’re sick of it, you can’t go wrong with a perfect aioli alongside a grilled tuna.

Saturday – Burgers

Beyond birthday’s, we’re also celebrating National Cheeseburger Day, of course.  The only way to make a classic cheeseburger better is to top it with bacon!  But if you’re looking for a departure from classic, give recipe option 2 a try.  

Sunday – bridget’s birthday

Since it’s my birthday, can you take any wild guesses as to what I’ll be eating?  Well, to no one’s surprise, it’s chicken!  I would have chosen brunch, but we just featured some brunch recipes and I wanted to mixed it up for ya!  It was easy for me to choose – one Asian dish and one with avocados.  Boom – two faves!

If you’re looking for more information, you can find previous weeks’ meal plans below!  There is always something delicious to find.

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