Gran Passione Rosso Review

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Gran passione rosso review

The Gran Passione Rosso is a wine that’s produced to show off the style of Northeastern Italian red wines at a budget price. The best known red wine from this region is definitely Amarone, which is produced using grapes that have gone through the “apassimento” process. Apassimento means “to dry and shrivel.” After the grapes are picked, they’re allowed to shrivel up, making them lose much of their weight through evaporation. The end result is a wine that is more expensive, but full of rich and smooth flavors. The Gran Passione Rosso is produced in the appasimento tradition, using some grapes that were treated this way, but at this price point, it would be impossible to have 100% apassimento grapes!

The Gran Passione Rosso has big aromas of dark plums, and red berries. It has the rich, full, and smooth body that you would expect from an apassimento style wine. The flavors of dark berries continue, along with some raisin flavors, and notes of milk chocolate on the finish. The finish lingers, and is balanced with enough acidity to keep the wine from becoming flabby and unenjoyable.

The Gran Passione Rosso is usually priced around $12 retail, and, for my money, is a great value. I think the Gran Passione Rosso is a wonderful introduction to the red wines of Northeastern Italy. If you like this wine, you can progress to Valpolicella and Amarone wines at higher price points, to see if you like the style at its zenith!

Gran passione rosso food pairing suggestions

The rich, full body of the Gran Passione Rosso pair wonderfully with deeply flavored, rich dishes like stews and roasts made from beef, or even wild game like venison. Here are a few suggestions on pairings:

Slow Cooker Burgundy Rump Roast – pictured above, this easy to slice and serve roast uses red wine to make a flavorful gravy. Use a bit of Gran Passione Rosso in the gravy, and the rest to enjoy with the roast!

Easy Beef Bourguignon – a classic recipe that also uses wine, this recipe would be another wonderful pairing with the Gran Passione Rosso!

One Pot Beef Stroganoff – the creamy, decadent sauce, along with the tender and delicious beef tips work wonderfully with the velvety smooth, rich flavors of the Gran Passione Rosso.

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Thank you for reading our Gran Passione Rosso review. We hope you try this wine, or other wines made in this style to experience a different style of winemaking that is mostly unique to Northeastern Italy. Have a great day, and see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats.

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