Heinz Eifel Riesling Spatlese Review

Here’s our 60 second Heinz Eifel Riesling Spatlese review, plus tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and more!

heinz eifel riesling spatlese review

The Heinz Eifel Reisling Spatlese comes from Riesling heaven – the Mosel river valley in Germany. This site is well known for producing legendary riesling. The Heinz Eifel family has been making wine here since the 1970s, and is now headed up by winemaker Anne Eifel-Spohr. The Eifel family makes a range of wines from Riesling and other grapes at great prices.

This particular wine is a Spatlese, which means it’s picked late for extra sweetness, and this wine definitely delivers sweet flavor! You can smell sweet peach and citrus fruit flavors right away on this wine, and those flavors carry through the entire flavor of the wine. I like that the wine is fruit sweet, not sugary sweet. Some Rieslings just taste like sugar water, and this is definitely not one of them. It also has enough acidity to balance the sweetness so you can have more than one glass of this wine!

The normal retail price of this wine is a little under $15, and for a Spatlese Riesling, especially from the Mosel, that’s a great price. If you like sweet wines like Moscatos, try this wine, and see what you think of a value priced bottle from one of the world’s top sweet wine regions!

Riesling food pairing suggestion

I enjoy pairing sweet wines with spicy foods – the sweet wine helps to balance some of the spiciness of the food, and I also enjoy pairing sweet wines with fried foods. I think crispy fried exterior is delicious with sweet wine. Here are some specific recipe suggestions:

Pork Schnitzel – pictured above, this classic, crunchy German dish would be perfect with this Riesling!

Slow Cooker Sweet & Spicy IPA Chicken – try putting this shredded chicken in a taco and enjoy with Riesling. It’ll be super yummy.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Pork Loin – the spiciness in this pork loin recipe would be perfectly offset by the sweet Riesling.

More Information

Wine Enthusiast – 88 point review with a Best Buy rating!

Winesellers – more information about the wine and the producer from their importer.

Thanks for reading our Heinz Eifel Riesling Spatlese review. If you like sweet wines, pick a bottle up and try it at home. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats!

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