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Weekly Meal Plan | December 7 – 13, 2020

Weekly Meal Plan

This week’s plan throws in a few options for breakfast or brunch as well as lunch (which, of course, can be used for a lighter dinner meal any night).  Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Plan


Weekly meal plan, Monday options

Last week, we had sweet and savory pork and this week, it’s sweet and spicy.  If pork isn’t your think, try a sweet and spicy chicken recipe instead!

Option 1: Sweet and spicy Thai pork loin

Option 2: Sweet and spicy IPA chicken


Sharing burritos for this week's taco Tuesday options

Two burrito options for you on this Taco Tuesday.  We’ve got your covered for both breakfast OR dinner.  Or hey, how about Breakfast FOR dinner.

Option 1: Cajun beef and bean burritos

Option 2: Taco bratwurst breakfast burrito


Two salads for you Wednesday meal plan options

A light meal to get you through the mid-week slump.  Enjoy these salad options for dinner or pack them up for your lunch during the day.  Ok, you probably don’t have to pack a lunch if you’re still working from home!

Option 1: Chopped Greek salad with chicken

Option 2: BBQ chicken BLT salad


As always, enjoy your leftovers today!


Salmon two ways this Friday - cajun or fall flavors

Salmon two ways this Friday.  In case you missed the cajun flavors earlier this week, you’ve got another chance to eat cajun-style with option 1.  For me, I’ll hold on to some of those fall flavors and try option 2 this week.

Option 1: Cajun spiced salmon with quinoa and red pepper sauce

Option 2: Honey apple maple glazed salmon


Pizza time this Saturday!

Pizza day!  Casual, easy, great for kids and delicious.  What’s not to love?  This is just two examples of toppings, but get as creative as you’d like!  And let us know what toppings you’ll try this weekend.

Option 1: Basil pesto Italian pizza recipe

Option 2: Italian sausage pizza


Two brunch options for Sunday's meal plan

Sunday’s are for brunch and we’re not sharing the same brunch recipes you see everywhere (we still love waffles, eggs and pancakes!)

Option 1: Monte cristo crepes

Option 2: Sweet butternut squash bake

As always, let us know what you’re cooking!

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