This is a delicious sausage made from pork and veal that has egg and green onion seasoning. The seasoning is light and delicate, so make sure when you cook this fresh sausage that you prepare it by heating it in hot water, not boiling it. We don’t want the bratwurst to split open and lose flavor to the water!

This is a traditional Bavarian sausage that was generally made during the spring and drank with a bock beer. Makes sense, right? Now, it is made year round and is a favorite treat during Oktoberfest in Munich. Serve it with mustard and kraut and enjoy!

Our Bockwurst is part of our “Heritage Sausage” line of sausages that we made to celebrate our 11 awards from the German Butcher’s Association. These limited edition bratwursts will be made during select weekends throughout the year.

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