Nürnberg Bratwurst

These are a “fun size” bratwurst made in the traditional smaller size that the city of Nürnberg embraces. These tasty all pork sausages are about the size of our normal pork sausage links. We season them with an authentic blend of marjoram, mace, nutmeg and more to give these bratwursts a distinctive flavor.

Enjoy a traditional German meal by boiling these brats and then grilling them over a beechwood fire! Serve six or more sausages on a plate with sauerkraut and mustard. It’s a delicious meal that you can also split with a friend! If you’d like to put the bratwursts in a bun, mimic the German street vendors and put three of the sausages in a normal size bun and top with mustard to your own taste. Enjoy!

Our Nürnberg Bratwurst is part of our “Heritage Sausage” line of sausages that we made to celebrate our 11 awards from the German Butcher’s Association. These limited edition bratwursts will be made during select weekends throughout the year.

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