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Leahy's Sausage

Hatch Chili Pepper & Cheese Curd Brats

Hatch Chili Pepper & Cheese Curd Brats

Our limited edition Hatch Chili Pepper & Cheese Curd brats are some of our most popular and most delicious brats! They’re made to show off the rich flavor of Hatch Chili Peppers and we think they do so beautifully.

These brats are made from a blend of pork and beef then seasoned with a special mixture of salt, pepper, dehydrated peppers, and many more spices. We then stuff them with medium-spicy Hatch Chili Peppers. If you’ve never had a Hatch Chili before, they come in many levels of spice. We use a medium hot pepper to give a little bit of heat to the bratwurst without setting your mouth on fire. We think these peppers also have a unique smoky and fruity flavor that shines through in the brat. To round off the bratwurst, we include a generous helping of Hill Valley Dairy Cheese Curds for just a bit of ooey gooey cheese that is the perfect flavor to complement the pepper.

These bratwursts are delicious when served on a bun with a generous spoonful of salsa verde on top instead of your standard ketchup and mustard toppings. Think outside the bun, and after cooking the brats, slice them into thin slices, then use them as a filling inside a quesadilla. They bring incredible flavor to the dish!

Make sure you follow us on social media to see when we make these brats – we only have them a few times each year!