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Leahy's Sausage



Have you tried our Currywurst? Currywurst is a bratwurst with a sweet curry sauce inside for a sweet and tangy flavor with just a touch of spice.  The sausage is a popular German street food that originated in 1949 when a German restaurateur mixed ketchup and curry powder and put the sauce on top of a bratwurst. It was all she could get in post war Germany, but this unlikely combination proved to be a hit and now over 800 million currywursts are eaten every year in Germany! We put the sauce inside the bratwurst for your convenience, but this is still true to the original German recipe, so come give it a try this Brat-Tober Fest.

This bratwurst is only available during Brat-Tober Fest, which is generally the last two weeks of each September and the first week of each October. Stock up on this awesome sausage while you can!

If you’re interested in learning more about our currywurst, you can read our “What Exactly is a Currywurst” blog post for more information on the sausage.